5 Best Bagless Vacuum For Pet Hair – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Cats and dogs can be our favorite companions but the hair they leave around the home can be a nuisance. Before I bought my vacuum, I would actually go to work with pet hair on my trousers and visitors with allergies would have a hard time all through their visit. There is no reason for you to go through that as well, once you find the right vacuum, you can have your home free of pet hair. If you are new to the world of these kind of vacuums, this guide will help you choose the best bagless vacuum for pet hair. Here you will find a researched list of the top 5.

BISSELL PowerGlide Bagless Upright Vacuum

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum 2763

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This is no ordinary upright vacuum, it is actually a 2 in one vacuum since you can lift it off the main vacuum and use it as a handheld vacuum. This gives you the ability to get to pet hair that you cannot reach using it as an upright vacuum.

Just like the manufacturer says, “pets do not stay in one place” so you vacuum should be able to do the same.

I have often had trouble with stubborn pet hair but this Bissell PowerGlide has the Pet TurboEraser tool which provides extra power to dislodge hair from upholstery the bristles are shaped like paddles and they rotate at high speed to attract hair and dirt. The typical pet owner would appreciate its performance.

  • Pros

    • It is a 2 in 1 vacuum thanks to the lift off feature
    • It can transition for carpet to hard floor easily without losing suction
    • It has a long 27-foot cord that allows you to reach different corners of the room
    • It is easy to detach and empty and reattach
    • The turbo eraser tool effectively and quickly deals with pet hair
    • You can see how much you have sucked up and if it is time to empty the bin


    • The bin is rather small so for a big house, you will make frequent trips to empty it as you vacuum

    Hoover T-Series Upright Vacuum UH70210

    Hoover WindTunnel Pet Vacuum UH70210

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    If you have carpets with different level of thickness, you probably will appreciate this Hoover T-series since it can be adjusted to 5 different levels to attain the best results as you vacuum. It can also be adjusted to suction only and you do not have to bend down to do that, a simple touch with your foot will do the trick.

    When you have to clean upholstery and stairs, do not worry, you will not have to lift the entire vacuum, it comes with a hose and brush tools attached. The brush tool does a good job of loosening pet hair from chairs or the stair carpets. You can also add the 12-inch wand and crevice tool to get into tight spaces.


    • Unlike other models, there is no clogging by pet hair when you use the UH70210
    • It has a strong motor but is reasonably quiet, most pets are not irritated or excited by it
    • It has headlights which help you see when vacuuming dark spaces like under chairs
    • It comes with a special pet hair tool that provides more flexibility when cleaning upholstery
    • There are indicator lights to tell you when the bin needs emptying or the filter needs cleaning
    • You can adjust the height to 5 different levels which is good for carpets
    • The cord has self-rewind
    • It has a 2-year warranty


    • The cord rewind is very fast, if you are not careful it can whip your feet

    Bissell Hard Floor Vacuum, 1547

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    If you are worried about scratches on your hardwood floor or tiles because of using a strong vacuum on it, stop worrying and get acquainted with the Bissell Hard Floor vacuum. This is designed specially to be tough on pet hair and other dirt but gentle on the floor. I have often found a problem with hardwood floors hiding fur and when I use a strong floor brush tool, the floor gets scratches so this would be a welcome option.

    The canister is also light which makes it easy to carry around and find those places that your pet may have left fur or even just dirt. You can also attach the holder for tools so that they are handy as you clean or when you want to store it. There is ample reach provided by the long cord and the hose.


    • The foot attachment is lined with rubber on the bottom so it will not scratch the floor
    • Its strong cyclonic suction gets even pet hairs you may not have seen on the floor
    • ​The additional tools can be kept on board for easy reach as you vacuum
    • ​The collection bin opens from the bottom so there is less of a mess as you empty it
    • It is easy to store away in small spaces
    • The wand can be adjusted to reach under furniture or the top of curtains


    • It is mainly designed for floors so you need to buy a second one if you have thick carpets.
    Eureka AS One Pet Bagless AS2130A

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    The secret to powerful suction is increased air flow and the Eureka as One seems to have employed this secret to ensure steady and powerful suction that will deal with pet hair. It is however not just the suction that makes it a good bagless vacuum for pet hair, it also has a specialized tool- the PET power paw which practically claws out pet hair from different surfaces.

    You can use it as an upright vacuum for the floor and when you need to clean upholstery and the stairs, there is a flexible hose that can extend to 10 feet on which you can attach the PET power paw or a crevice tool to suck up pet hair wherever it may be lodged. It also helps that the electric cord is 29 feet, giving you more reach around the home while connected to the same socket.


    • It has one of the longest cords of the 5 vacuums in this list so that gives you more distances to vacuum
    • ​The Pet power paw is quite aggressive on pet hair on upholstery and carpets, I would say it gets close to 100 percent of the hairs
    • ​It is easy to carry up stairs and around the house since it is lightweight (weighs less than 10 pounds)
    • ​It has powerful suction which gets surfaces clean fast thanks to the airspeed technology
    • ​It is affordable


    • The collection bin seems a bit loose and allows some dust to escape as you pull the unit

    Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum

    Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum

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    For a pet owner who wants a vacuum that is typically for pet air, this is one you can give a try if you do not mind the price. It is named Animal because it is for pet owners. I am drawn to this one because of its automatic cleaner head which adjusts to different floor types to ensure it has the best possible contact for a good cleanup.

    It also comes with helpful tools like the crevice tool and the extension wands but I found the most impressive to be the Tangle-Free Turbine tool. This is a handheld tool that attaches to the wand. Unlike other brush tools, this one does not get entangled with hairs and it gets particles even at the edges which other brushes cannot handle.


    • You do not have to figure out which level suits which surface, it does that automatically
    • ​The ball technology enables easy steering around objects
    • ​The Tangle-Free Turbine tool effectively pulls out hair without them getting entangled on the bristles
    • ​The bin can be emptied with one hand and without dust escaping
    • The instant release wand is long enough for cleaning stairs without carrying the entire unit
    • It is durable with a 5-year warranty


    • The turbine tool cannot be stored onboard
    • It is the most expensive on this list

    Personally, if price is no object, then the Dyson DC41 would be my preferred bagless vacuum for pet hair. If however, you would wish to save money, then you can opt for the Eureka as One, it is affordable but quite effective on pet hair. The Bissell PowerGlide if a powerful 2 in one vacuum so if you like the idea of being able to switch from an upright to a handheld, then you may fancy purchasing this one. Alternatively, you could opt for a Bissell that is particularly for Hard floors, the 1547 will be tough on dirt and pet hair but leave your floor unscratched. The Hoover is good for thick carpets since its height can be adjusted for better contact.

    Why Buy a Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair

    The main reason most people choose bagless over bagged is the fact that bags will need to be replaced eventually and that is going to cost more money. With a bagless vacuum, you can use the same bin over and over again for just about the entire life of your vacuum.

    There is also the fact that bagless vacuums are easier to empty especially when you are dealing with per hair. While a bag may need to be shaken, which will raise dust into the air, a canister or bin can be washed or just tapped to ensure all the hair and dirt comes out.

    So the bottom line is bagless can save money and maybe more convenient to use.

    How to Use a Vacuum on Hard Floors

    I wish I had access to a guide like this before the first time I vacuumed my hardwood floor. While hard floors are much easier to clean than carpets, it is important that you ensure the vacuum you use will not scratch the wood. If you are switching from carpet to hard floor, check to see that you have hit the switch is it is there or if it automatically switches. The thing is you need to turn off the brush or beater and just use suction. This will also prevent the vacuum from scattering the pet hair and dirt around. A vacuum with good airflow will work well on hard floors.

    How to Vacuum Carpets

    Carpets, especially thick carpets tend to be a bit harder to vacuum. Pet hair gets entangled and may not come off easily. For this, you need a vacuum with a strong enough brush tool to pull and dislodge the hairs. A motorized brush is best for this. You also need to have the right height for the vacuum head so that it can clean deep into the carpet.

    How to Choose the Best Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair

    It is important that you pay close attention to certain aspects when you are making a choice of bagless vacuum cleaners. Here are some of the things recommended for you to consider as you choose a vacuum for pet hair.

    The Surface you will be cleaning

    In most cases, you will either be cleaning hardwood floor or carpets and upholstery, you need to find a vacuum that does well on the surfaces you will be vacuuming. For example, if you have rugs and carpets of different sizes, then you need a vacuum with adjustable height, if you need to vacuum chairs, then it is a good idea to have a crevice tool as well as an extension wand that will make it easier to vacuum the chairs.


    Since you are dealing with pet hair, it is important that the accessory tools that come with the vacuum are relevant to vacuuming pet hair. For example, a brush tool is important for removing pet hair from carpets and a crevice tool can reach tight spaces. You may need to find out what the different tools do and how they help you get rid of pet hair around the home.


    Pets do not sit in one place, so you are going to have to move around trying to clean up all the pet hair in different locations so it is important that the vacuum you choose gives you sufficient mobility. Features like the length of the cord are important as well as the weight of the vacuum and the availability of wheels for you to move it around easily.

    Emptying the bin

    I find a number of vacuums are not easy to empty. It is a good idea to find out how easy it is to remove the bin from the vacuum and what you have to do to get the hair and dirt out. A vacuum with an indicator to show that the bin is full is a good start or one with a transparent bin so that you see what is going on. You may also like one with a single release of the bin. When emptying it, you do not want to end up breathing in dust and pet hair so find out how it lets out the contents.

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