Your dog may be your most loyal companion, but the hair they keep on leaving all over the home and in your car is not only annoying but can also cause allergies that can be quite serious. But when you have the best vacuum for dog hair, that is less of a problem. The best vacuum may defer according to your particular needs, so we have compiled a list that recommends the best in different categories and this guide will also let you know a few of the categories and their advantages.

Recommended 5 Best Vacuum for Dog Hair Reviews

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Editor Rating:

If you have an overactive dog that gets everywhere in the house leaving behind its hair, then you just might appreciate this German crafted vacuum. It is designed to clean just about every place in the house and the suction is really remarkable. It is also great that it has air sealed system which traps allergens from escaping and leaves the air clean.

The turbo pet hair brush will get pet hair from carpets and upholstery with ease and the vacuum works well on all surfaces with a tool for every part of the home.

Your pets too are likely going to thank you for using this vacuum since it is quiet. You can adjust the power between 6-speed stages and the controls for this are within foot reach which makes it convenient.


  • The motor is quite powerful which provides strong suction to get rid of pet hair quickly and effectively
  • This vacuum is much quieter than so many other vacuums, even the dogs are not disturbed as you use it
  • It has a choice of 6 stages to control the speed of the motor and you can do this with your foot
  • It has a unique air cleaning filter system which seals in 99.9 percent of harmful particles, making it good for people with allergies
  • It has tools for everything so you can clean anywhere, from floor to ceiling


  • You need to be ready to pay over $900 to own it
  • Bullet Point 2
Shark Rocket TruePet HV322

Editor Rating:

Cleaning up dog hair requires that you move around a lot to find the different places where it has left its hair. It should be a lot easier to do that when you are using an ultra light vacuum like this one. I also find that the headlights are bright enough to see any hidden hairs in dark corners or under furniture.

This vacuum also easily and quickly changes into a handheld vacuum so you can go from vacuuming the floor to the sofa and the handheld tool also helps when you need to vacuum your car.

 The dust cup is twice the size of the original Rocket vacuum which gives you more time to vacuum without having to stop and empty the bin.


  • It is lightweight and that makes it easier to maneuver around
  • It has headlights that help you see dirt and pet hair that may be hidden in corners or within the carpet
  • It transforms fast and easy into a handheld vacuum to use on above ground areas
  • The floor tool is large and can be used to clean up crumbs and chunks of pet food on the floor


  • It does not stand on its own so you need to lean it on the wall or something if you stop to say remove an object from the floor.
Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser

Editor Rating:

If you have a dog with very long hair like an Afghan hound or spaniel, you may appreciate this vacuum. Many vacuums will end up getting hair entangled in the brush but this one is designed to be tangle free, also, the cyclone system separates hair from dirt so that emptying it is much easier and you do not have to pull the hair out like with other vacuums.

I like that it has a number of tools specialized for cleaning pet hair in different places

It has a wand that can be released easily so if you are vacuuming the floor and you get to the couch, you can easily pull out the wand, vacuum the couch and then return to the floor which saves time. Its performance is impressive especially with the end to end suction which will cover a wider area and get the work done faster.


  • The roller bar remains clean after vacuuming since it is tangle free
  • It separates hair from dirt and rolls it up into a ball so that it is easier to empty it without touching the hair
  • It has end to end suction which improves its performance and makes vacuuming faster
  • It has a quick release hose which is long and makes it easy to vacuum above ground places like the couch
  • Generally, it is easy to use and performs well


  • It seems best for carpets than hardwood floors
Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum

Editor Rating:

When dealing with dog hair, a number of places you will need to vacuum are above ground, so having a handheld vacuum like this one is quite convenient. I am particularly impressed by its instant release trigger which ensures that battery power is not wasted when you are not vacuuming. It gives you 20 minutes of constant suction and there is the power max power mode which gives you 6 minutes of extra suction for stubborn hair and debris.

The vacuum feels comfortable in your hand and it is light weight for easy movement across surfaces.

The V6 Top Dog gives you a choice of different tools for different purposes like the crevice tool for tight places, say between cushions, a motorized tool for hair stuck on upholstery and a stubborn dirt brush.


  • Since it is battery powered, it is more portable than any of the other dog hair vacuums on this list
  • The handle is designed with the human hand in mind which makes it comfortable to grip
  • It has an instant trigger release so that the battery power is only used while vacuuming
  • There is the max-power mode which gives strong suction for stubborn pet hairs
  • It has hygienic bin emptying which ensures you do not have to get into contact with the hair and dirt sucked up
  • It comes with a number of useful tools


  • You get a slight shock while vacuuming from the terminal where the charging cord fits in
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E

Editor Rating:

If you are looking for a 2 in one vacuum at a reasonable cost, then this is one you may want to have. The Navigator Lift-away has a quick release that enables you switch from an upright vacuum to a canister. In most cases when vacuuming pet hair, I find I need to switch from vacuuming the floor to vacuuming the sofa or the stairs and being able to lift away the canister, comes in handy.

Its suction too is commendable and you will find you have to empty the canister often because of the amount of hair and debris it is able to pull out from carpets and upholstery.

There is a 30-foot cord to give you enough reach around the room you are vacuuming. For an upright vacuum, I find this fairly lightweight.


  • It can transform from an upright to a canister vacuum with a quick press of a button
  • Considering it is 2 in one, the price is fair and better than many other dog hair vacuums
  • It weighs 14.5 pounds which is easy to move around for an upright or canister vacuum
  • It has powerful suction which removes pet hair from carpets that some vacuums may not be able to
  • The suction can be adjusted so that you do not use too much force for smaller rugs


  • The hose seems to be a little short so quite often the vacuum can tip over as you try to pull the hose to reach some places.
Hoover WindTunnel MAX UH70605

Editor Rating:

Sometimes you may find that one type of nozzle will not serve well for different floor types. The WindTunnel Max addresses that problem by giving you 7-floor settings so that you can get the best results. You can also adjust the cleaning channels to prevent scatter of dirt and pet hair.

I like that there is less need to clean the filter regularly since the cyclones separate dirt before it gets to the filter.

Since this is an upright vacuum, it works best for floors, but it also comes with tools that can help you get dog hair off the sofa, stairs and other above-ground surfaces. If you do not enjoy winding up the cord after use, you may be glad that this vacuum has a self-winding mechanism which will save you time and energy.


  • The cord is not only long, it can be retracted after use to save you time
  • The canister is big enough to store a lot of dog hair and dirt before you need to empty it
  • It gives you the option of 7-floor settings so that you can clean up the best you can
  • It has good suction that will remove a lot of dog hair from different surfaces


  • It is almost impossible to store the tools on the vacuum so you need to have a separate storage area.
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Corded, 33A1

Editor Rating:

This is the cheapest handheld vacuum on this list but it does not compromise on performance. If I was looking for a vacuum for my car and did not have the money for the fancy expensive ones, I would go with this one. It handles upholstery and sofas well and is also recommended for stairs. You can see how it performs here (

The nozzle on this Pet Hair Eraser is wide so more dog hair can be sucked in at a go. It also has small teeth on the front which help to comb through fabric and dislodge entangled hairs to be sucked up. With a 16 foot cord, you get reasonable distance for quick tasks and for vacuuming the car. It is small enough to store anywhere without it tipping over.


  • It is affordable but still performs well on dog hair
  • It has 3 stage filtration which ensures it does not blow out the debris and hair sucked in
  • There is no big maintenance cost since the filter can be washed and reused
  • Its compact size makes it easy to store
  • It is light enough to carry for long
  • It covers a wide area in a single sweep.


  • It is not very good on hard floors
  • It does not have accessories to clean different surfaces and spaces.

The type of vacuum you choose may depend on the dog you have as well as the kind of surfaces you will be cleaning. The Miele is able to do just about any task so if you just want to have one vacuum for everything, then this is the vacuum you can choose, it may seem expensive, but it is worth the investment. A cheaper option would be the shark Rocket which transforms from a stick vacuum to a handheld tool quick and easy, it is lightweight and has sufficient suction to get dog hair wherever it may be. Handheld vacuums are best for furniture and stairs, the Dyson V6 Top Dog is one of the strongest handheld vacuums you can find for a quick and easy cleanup. If you want to save money on a handheld, then the Bissel 33A1 is the cheapest you can choose. Any of these vacuums on this list will do a god job of dealing with pet hair but you need to know where they work best.

Which vacuum works where best

In case this is something you already know, feel free to skip this section and go direct to the info you need. But for you who may need to know which vacuum works best where, here is a brief guide.

Upright Vacuums

These are best for the floor and carpets. Since they are big and designed for use standing up straight, you cannot use it on furniture and at times it feels awkward using them on the stairs. In most cases, upright vacuums cover a wider surface area so that you can complete the task faster.

Stick Vacuums

These are like smaller upright vacuums, the advantage of them is they are lighter so you can even use them on stairs. Most of them have really strong suction and they are flexible so cleaning under furniture is a lot easier than with an upright vacuum. You can even find those that transform into handheld vacuums making them more versatile than uprights.


These are portable and most appropriate for cleaning furniture and upholstery, the best ones are lightweight. Handheld vacuums are usually secondary vacuums since they mainly clean above ground areas. They have strong suction to handle stubborn hairs and can do on spot vacuuming fast.

Canister Vacuums

These are like a mix between an upright and a handheld vacuum. They have a big bin like an upright but they can be used on both floors and above ground places. With a wand added, you can use it on the floor and then using the hose alone, you can use it like a handheld vacuum.

Cordless Vacuums

These are battery operated and save you from the restriction of cord length. You can vacuum anywhere quick and easy but in most cases, the battery runtime will restrict how long you can vacuum for. They are usually not as loud as the corded ones.

Important features that a vacuum for dog hair should have


The suction will determine how well the vacuum cleans up pet hair. However, it is worth noting that the amount of suction needed for hard floors is not as much as what would be needed for thick carpeting or upholstery. You can settle for one with less suction if you will only be using it on hard floor.


Not just any filter system will work, this needs to be a filter system that can handle dog hair as well as allergens. Dogs carry a lot of allergens and they may leave them on the furniture and everywhere else they lay so the vacuum needs to be able to filter these and keep them from escaping into the air and causing allergic reactions.

Useful tools

To be able to vacuum different places in the home, the vacuum should have tools that will effect that. For example, you would need a power brush to pull out stubborn hair from furniture, a crevice tool to get into tight spaces and an extension wand to reach places that may be hard to maneuver the entire vacuum through.

Factors to consider when choosing a vacuum for dog hair

Bagged or bagless

These days most vacuums for dog hair are bagless, this is mainly because they are a lot easier to empty and they are easier to clean up compared to bags. Bags also may need to be replaced eventually or regularly which means added costs. Bags though may contain more debris than the bagless.


You will be moving around a lot, unless your dog is very dormant and keeps to one place, because of this, you need to have a fairly light vacuum that will not become a burden to carry around and get to the dog hair in different places. If you have stairs, it is even more important that the vacuum is light enough to carry up the stairs.


This should be obvious, you can only buy what you can afford so it is important that you find something within your price range but that does not mean you should pick the cheapest of them all. The vacuums on this list meet a variety of price needs and they are still good for use on dog hair.


It is best to find a product with a long warranty, this will save you some money when it comes to repairs within a certain time period. The warranty can also give you an insight into how confident a manufacturer is about their product, the longer the warranty, the more likely the vacuum will last long.


Reviews like this one can let you know what you are getting yourself into. It is a good idea to read a number of reviews on a particular product before you decide to purchase it. Consumers who have already used a product will give you good insight into a product and most of them are honest.

How to care for a vacuum for dog hair

Like with most products, the first thing is to read the instruction manual and follow the recommendations from the manufacturer about care for the product. You likely will find most of the information you need to take care of the vacuum in there.

The filter needs to be kept clean. I would recommend that you clean it after every vacuuming section. A clogged filter will affect the suction of the vacuum.

Unless you have experience repairing vacuums, any technical trouble should be left to the experts, do not tinker with the vacuum because that can void the warranty or even cause more damage to it.

How to reduce the amount of dog hair in the home

The best way to get rid of pet hair is to avoid having as much of it as possible in the first place. My strategy is usually to attack the source. You can limit the amount of hair it shades by giving it a regular bath and brushing the hair off after that. It may not get rid of all the dog hair, but will greatly reduce it.

If your dog will allow you, you can also use the vacuum on it. A vacuum that can reduce the amount of suction, would be appropriate as you do not want to end up having the vacuum stuck on the dog with too much suction. Vacuuming the dog will save you from having to spend more time vacuuming the furniture.

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