Dealing with pet hair around the house can take up a lot of time. If you would like to save time, a robot vacuum may be a good idea. Roomba has made a name for itself making some really good quality robot vacuums and they keep on making improvements to them. This list can help you make a choice of the best Roomba for pet hair. You can also learn a few things about robot vacuums to help you maintain your new purchase.

Recommended 5 Best Roomba for Pet Hair Reviews

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum

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This is a favorite for many pet owners and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it is cheaper than a number of Roombas. Price aside, it is also quite efficient when it comes to dealing with pet hair.

You can easily schedule it to vacuum once every day for 7 days and you will return home to a hair free home. There is also the option of just pressing start and it will begin vacuuming.

I like that it is able to adapt to the room even when you may do rearranging or buy new furniture. Speaking of furniture, the 650 is able to fit under just about any kind of furniture and it manages any floor types with ease. Like most Roomba vacuums, it has 3 stage cleaning which enables it pick up pet hair easily. I find it is value for money.


  • - It is light weight, only 12 pounds which makes it easy to carry to another floor
  • It has a scheduling feature which is easy to use
  • It has strong suction power
  • Its collection bin seems bigger than many other models
  • It is 3.6 inches tall which makes it easy to go under most furniture where a dog or cat would go


  • it does not have room to room navigation
iRobot Roomba 980

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These days we like to be able to do just about everything using an App on the phone, well with the Roomba 980, you can command it to start cleaning and you can keep track of what is going on using the same App. I also find it handy if I left the house without scheduling the vacuuming task, I can do so using my phone, from wherever I may be.

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It is also able to run for 2 hours before it needs to return to the dock to recharge and I find that to be enough time to clean an ordinary sized house. If you have pets with long hair, the tangle free extractor on this 980 is something you will like as it will prevent it from getting jammed with long hairs. It is also able to navigate through different rooms.


  • its runtime is 120 minutes which is longer than most robot vacuums
  • it provides 10 times the air power which make it ideal for thick carpets
  • You can control it using an App on your smart phone since it is WiFi enabled
  • It has tangle free debris extraction so it will not get stuck on carpets with long stubborn pet hair
  • It has carpet boost which enables it clean deeper when needed


  • This is one of the more expensive models of the Roombas, you need to be ready to spend more than 900 dollars
iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum

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If you like the 650 but wish it had a few more features, then you would like this one. They integrated the features from the 650 and added more to make it even more efficient.

I like that they gave it 5 times more air flow so that it can pick up even more pet hair and dirt and it also has the tangle free feature which prevents it from getting stuck.

It may not have WiFi like the 980, but it can be scheduled to clean and there is the virtual wall feature which can be used to restrict it to a particular room and out of others or just to guide it where to clean. It can go from room to room like the 980 and it also comes with a remote control so that you do not have to walk to it to start vacuuming or to program it.


  • It has 5 times the air flow than earlier versions which improves its pet hair collection
  • It comes with tangle free extraction to prevent it getting stuck
  • ​There is a remote control so that you can operate it without having to walk up to the robot
  • ​It can be restricted to a particular room using the lighthouse technology
  • ​It has been given a bigger dust bin to match its improved suction


  • It is said to be quieter than earlier models but that is not noticeable
iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum

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If you were looking at the 980 and wishing to have it but thought it is out of your budget, then this 960 may be good news for you as it is the budget version of its more expensive older brother. It also gives you the ability to schedule tasks, control the vacuum and even receive status updates on the cleaning all on an App you can download onto your phone.

It also has 2.0 navigation which means it cleans in a more organized pattern in comparison to the earlier versions like the 650.

It will alert you if the bin needs to be emptied and it has a run time of 75 minutes. This model is quite similar to the 980 only that it has a shorter battery runtime and its motor cannot give you turbo cleaning for carpets.


  • It is about 200 dollars cheaper than the fancy 980 but has similar features
  • It gives you a longer battery runtime in comparison to other earlier models
  • You can receive alerts through the App when the bin needs to be emptied
  • When it goes back to recharge, it will resume cleaning from the exact spot it left off
  • It has a predictable cleaning pattern which is more efficient


  • It does not have a turbo mode when cleaning carpets
iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum

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This is a robot vacuum that gets things done, there are no fancy features, just the ability to get pet hair wherever it is and you do not have to supervise it. I like the fact that it tends to concentrate on places that seem to have more pet hair and dirt unlike some robots that will just follow a pattern that may leave behind some hair.

With this vacuum, you can program it for 7 days and just match out of the house everyday knowing it will do its job.

There are virtual walls which you can use to prevent the vacuum from getting lost and I would recommend that you have the docking unit in a clear area since it uses infrared light to guide the 770 back to recharge.


  • It can concentrate on areas that may have a lot of dirt and hair
  • It has bristle free suction which reduces maintenance cost
  • You can schedule it to vacuum for 7 days so if you are away, it will still vacuum
  • It comes with a remote that helps you operate it even when it is in another room
  • It has good suction


  • Sometimes it can run out of power before it reaches the docking station if there are objects blocking the infrared from the dock.

The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners seem to be very efficient robots and any of these would provide you with good vacuuming for pet hair. If however you are looking to save money, then you can go for the earlier version, the 650 which may not have certain features but will vacuum well all the same. Or if you can spare some more money, then you can opt for the 770 which is a slightly more advanced version. If you would rather have fancy features, then the 980 will serve you well but at a rather high cost or you can opt for its earlier version, the 960 which is cheaper but without a couple of features.

Why choose Roomba vacuums

There are certain features that the Roomba tends to incorporate in just about all their vacuums. These features have made a number of people prefer these robot vacuums. They include:

7 day scheduling

For a busy person who cannot take the time to always press the start button for the vacuum to start operating, this feature can be a big relief. You can easily schedule the vacuum to clean everyday at the same time for 7 days. That way you only attend to the vacuum once a week or when you need to empty the bin.

Stairs recognition

Some vacuums tend to fall down stairs as they vacuum, but Roomba vacuums can recognize stairs and turn back before they fall down.

Self charging

These robots are designed to sense when the power is running low and they will return to the dock to recharge and then resume once fully charged.

Advanced technology

Roomba embraces technology, for example some of their latest robots, have WiFi so that you are able to command the robot from anywhere you may be. It is like an extended remote that also gives you extra information about your robot.


Roomba does not have any ambition to take over the world and turn humans into slaves. Anyway using Roomba robots is safe as there have not been any reports of serious injury as a result of using these robots.

Tips on care for a robot vacuum

Read instructions

If you buy a good robot vacuum, you should find that it comes with the instruction manual or they are available on the manufacturer’s website. Do not ignore the instructions. It is possible that a lot of the tips you will find in this section will be in the instruction book and this will save you from spoiling the vacuum as a result of misuse.

Clear clutter

Before you let the robot vacuum do its job, make sure that objects that do not need to be on the floor or that may end up getting in the way are removed. This could include children’s toys, your shoes that you left lying on the floor when you came back from partying last night or even your pet’s feeding bowl. Clutter could end up stopping the vacuum from proceeding any further or will cause it to neglect that spot since it notices there is something on its way.

Place the docking point in the open

It is important to have your robot gain easy access to its charging port. Do not hide it behind furniture or place it on a raised surface, most robots are designed to find their way back to the charge point but this is easier for them to do if the point is in the open.

Keep it clean

Your robot vacuum’s performance depends on how well you clean it. The filter and brushed are the parts that need the most attention. Dirt and hair can clog the filter or the brushes and this will affect how well they clean your home so make sure you keep then clean. It is also a good idea to clean the bin that collects the hair. How often you do this may depend on the instructions from the manufacturer but I would recommend after every use.

Periodic maintenance

As you use a machine- even the intelligent ones, parts wear out and these will need to be replaced or oiled or whatever. And experienced technician would be able to do that for you or once again you can consult the instruction manual to find out how to go about this.

Use the right tools for the right job

you may find some models have sweepers or mops and these are for hard floor and tiles. It would be advisable to remove them if you are going to vacuum the carpet as they may affect the performance of the robot, but once again, I suggest you check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the different tools and when to use them.

Keep the remote handy

If you have ever spent half your favorite TV show looking for the remote to increase the volume, then you know why it is important to have a definite place to keep remotes, your relaxation may be interrupted just because you cannot find the remote and have to walk up to the vacuum to give it a command. Save yourself and keep the remote handy.

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