There are times when you need to quickly remove pet hair. For example I have found myself in a situation where I return home and find the dog has left fur on every chair in the house. It becomes a burden having to plug in a vacuum and start removing the hair, that is where cordless vacuums come in handy, as long as they are charged, you can simply pick it up and clean the chair and sit. There are a number of cordless vacuums and it can be hard to make a choice so I have done all the research to help you choose the best cordless vacuum for pet hair from the best 5.

Recommended 5 Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair Reviews

Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum

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This cordless vacuum is specially made for homes with pets. The cleaner head is designed to drive deep into carpets to get pet hair out and sucked up. Its brush bar is much stronger than so many other full vacuums so it cleans carpets better and faster. The bristles are designed to constantly agitate hairs in the carpets so that even those that are entangled will come loose.

It provides 20 minutes of constant power before you need to recharge.

With its cleaning technique, 20 minutes seems like enough time for spot cleaning of pet hair in different places. When cleaning the chairs, you can detach the wand and connect the cleaning tool directly to the vacuum to use as a hand held vacuum.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • The motorized head can clean any surface effectively without scratching delicate surfaces
  • Center of gravity is located at the handle so it feels very light
  • it can be switched to a hand held vacuum very easily
  • it comes with a docking station that can be used for storage as well as charging
  • The suction is quite powerful
  • it comes with a number of useful attachments


  • The collection canister is rather small so you end up making frequent trips to empty it
Hoover Linx BH50010

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For many cordless vacuums, when the battery runs out you need to put it on charge and wait before you can resume vacuuming. With the Linx BH50010 however, you can interchange batteries, the battery can be removed and charged and you can place another one and continue vacuuming. 

This is a feature I wish all cordless vacuums had, it would save a lot of time.

You can use it either on carpet or hard floor, it has a switch that can turn on the brush roll for carpets and one that will just turn on suction when you want to clean hard floors. Unfortunately you will not have a range of accessory tools however the cleaning head works just fine for pet hair and the price for this vacuum is attractive.


  • You do not have to stop vacuuming as the battery charges, you can simply replace the battery.
  • There is an indicator that lets you know how much power is left in the battery
  • The bin opens from the bottom at the touch of a button so you can empty it without getting your hands dirty
  • Switching from carpet to floor is fast and easy
  • It is able to clean edges since it has edge cleaning bristles


  • It comes with only one battery so you need to buy the second one for interchangeable use
  • It is mainly for floors and carpets so you cant easily use it on furniture.
Bissell Best Pet Hair Power Nozzle

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This is a vacuum cleaner that can get pet hair wherever it may be. It is designed to be versatile with a handle that bends in 2 direction to help you get under furniture without bending much. It also detaches to transform into a hand held vacuum and you can attach a wand to the hand held vacuum to vacuum walls and stairs.

The 15 minutes of battery power make it suited for on spot cleaning or if you have a small room that needs a fast clean up, then you can use it. 

The suction is powerful enough to deliver a good job in 15 minutes. It comes with a pet hair brush and a pet hair nozzle which make sucking up pet hair much easier.


  • The removable hand held vacuum is a great option for cleaning sofas, car seats and other above ground places
  • You can clean under the table without having to bend much since the handle bends upward
  • It has special tools designed for pet hair like the pet hair roller brush and pet hair nozzle
  • When you purchase it, you get a free glade solid air freshener
  • It is light weight and easy to use


  • The bin gets filled up fast, sometimes even before the battery has run out.
Hoover BH52160PC Air Cordless

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After taking your pet for a ride in the car, you can use this handheld Hoover vacuum to get the pet hair off the seats before any passenger sits there. It is small enough to carry around in your car for a quick vacuuming task. Or you can use it in the house for the chairs and stairs as well as your bed, if you allow your pet into the room.

It can use any 20 volt lithium battery and you can choose to have more than one battery for continuous vacuuming. It is probably one of the lightest handheld vacuums for pet hair. There

 is a crevice tool you can use to get to the tight spaces between chairs or the edges of the stairs. The power turbo tool provides constant suction and the indicator tells you when it needs to be recharged.


  • It is light weight and easy to carry around in the car
  • It has an interchangeable battery so you can use the battery in different devices
  • The filter can be washed and reused which saves on the cost of buying a new one
  • You can know when the battery is about to run out since there is an indicator
  • It is handheld but you can use it on the stairs since it has a cleaner head


  • The battery takes 9 hours to recharge but will need recharging after 15 minutes of use
Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)

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If you are looking to get a cheap cordless vacuum for pet hair then this one should interest you. It goes for just under 50 dollars and has a number of functions that the more expensive ones have. It is good for cleaning the car and around the house. It is quite easy to operate as seen in this video (

It can be stored on the wall as it has a docking station with the ability to be mounted on the wall. 

There is also provision to store the tools on the docking station. The Shark hand held vacuum has tools that make cleaning pet hair in different places easy and the suction is strong. There is a crevice tool, a brush roll and cleaning head.


  • It is affordable
  • The vacuum is easy to assemble and use
  • You can store it on the charging dock which can also be mounted on the wall
  • The tools can also be stored on the dock


  • There are a number of complaints about its battery failing to hold a charge after a few months of use.

Obviously I cannot make the final pick for you, but I believe these key points are worth keeping in mind as you make a choice. The Shark Pet Perfect II is no doubt the cheapest cordless vacuum for pet hair that will deliver great suction but you need to be ready to spend on a replacement battery. If you are determined to have a handheld vacuum but would like more durability, then the Hoover Air Cordless would be the best choice it may be more expensive than the Shark, but it is still affordable. Personally, I find the Dyson V6 Animal a great cordless vacuum with its 20 minutes of battery power and easy conversion to a hand held or stick vacuum. It is expensive but worth the expense. The Hoover Linx is one that you can use continuously if you are ready to buy 1 or 2 extra batteries.

How to choose a cordless vacuum

You will need to begin by looking at the tools. The tools need to be able to remove pet hair from wherever you will be using it. Most pet hair vacuums tend to use motorised brushes and suction but you may find others that may agitate the hairs to come lose and then suck them up. The main thing is what ever tools they have need to effectively deal with pet hair.

If it is cordless, most likely it uses batteries. Most batteries will last between 15 to 30 minutes before they need recharging. Consider how long you would need to use the vacuum for and if you will have the time to wait for it to recharge. The charging time also matters. It can be annoying if the battery takes 10 hours to charge but lasts just 15 or less minutes. Usually the stronger the voltage of the battery, the longer it will last.

You should also be aware of how it is charged. Some of the best models have a docking station which serves both for storage and for charging. This saves you storage space and makes the unit handier. It is also important to know if you need to turn it off immediately the battery is full because some batteries may get spoiled if they are left charging while others can turn off automatically so you can even leave it charging through the night.

The suction of a vacuum is usually determined by the power source. With a cordless vacuum, you need to find one that does not lose suction as the battery loses its strength. The best cordless vacuums will maintain the suction power until there is just 3 percent or less power left in it.

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