5 Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair – Reviews and Buyers Guide

If you want to have a vacuum for pet hair that you can move around easily, then a canister vacuum would be a good choice. You can either drag it around on the floor, or you can carry it like a portable vacuum. They also tend to perform best on hard floors more than carpets, although, in this best canister vacuum for pet hair guide, we do have a couple that are also good for carpets. You can use this guide to find out more about these vacuums and make a choice from the top 5.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister 3684F

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The feature that appeals to me most about this vacuum is its odor eliminator bag. My dog leaves behind a dog smell and I would love to be able to deal with that effectively. The 3684 is designed primarily for pets which is why it has a special tool for pet hair. It is also equipped with a HEPA filter which captures most of the allergens including pet dander.

The best place to use this though is on hard floors since it does not have a beater bar but it has strong suction. When you attach the pet paw tool, it will help on the chairs and upholstery. The wand is quite long, you can use it even on the roof or the top of the curtains, though I doubt you will have a pet that sleeps on the roof.


  • The odor eliminator leaves the room smelling fresh after vacuuming
  • ​It is good for people with allergies like asthma since the HEPA filter traps allergens inside
  • ​This is a very lightweight vacuum weighing not more than 9 pounds
  • The pet power paw gets rid of pet hair on upholstery
  • ​The long wand gives you sufficient reach when vacuuming stairs
  • It has powerful suction that leaves the floor free of hair and dust


  • A pet hair vacuum without a beater bar is almost useless on carpets
  • You need to spend on HEPA bags

BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Vacuum, 1154

BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Vacuum, 1154

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It is not easy to find a vacuum for hard floors that has a brush as well. When I saw this is referred to as a hard floor expert, I was instantly drawn to it and I realized it is indeed good for the floors. It has a brush with soft bristles so it will not scratch the floor but will effectively dislodge and sweep up pet hair and debris from the floor. The wheels too are made with rubber which protects the floor.

You may also like the fact that you can control the suction power so if you are vacuuming your silk curtains, you can turn down the power and avoid damaging them. The controls for the suction are conveniently placed on the handle. Another convenient control is the cord rewind which can be controlled with your foot.


  • It is tough on pet hair and other debris but gentle on the floor
  • You do not need to struggle winding the cord, it has self-winding with the touch of a button
  • The large wheels make it easy to move around on the floor
  • ​You can adjust the suction for delicate fabric
  • ​It comes with a tool that can be used on carpets as well
  • It is easy to store in small spaces
  • The steering can be maneuvered around and under furniture.


  • If you retract the cord in the presence of a curious cat, the cat will get a painful lashing from the strong cable retraction.

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

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This is an all round cleaning vacuum for pet hair. It comes with accessories and features that make it possible to use it wherever your pet may leave its hair as well as other places. Yes, it does have an unbelievably high price tag attached to it but according to people who have used it, the C3 Cat & Dog is worth the expense.

It has a foot controlled speed regulator so that you can choose the appropriate motor speed for the area you are vacuuming and it can handle middle pile carpeting to high pile.

It can be adjusted according to the height of the carpeting you are handling. It is also good with hard floors and has a special tool to get that pet hair and dirt off the floor.


  • It is possible to silence the motor by adjusting its speed
  • ​The switch for the speed control is conveniently placed at the foot for easy operation
  • ​The filter is able to neutralize pet odors to leave the room fresh
  • ​The height can be adjusted to suit the thickness of the carpet you are cleaning
  • It has powerful suction which gets even the most stubborn pet hairs
  • It can clean all kinds of floors and carpets


  • It is quite expensive, not everyone can afford it.

Kenmore 81614 600 Series

Kenmore 81614 600 Series

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If you like power and want to get things done quick, then you may appreciate this vacuum. Its power is one of the things that makes it stand out from other vacuums with a similar price range. It performs well on just about all surfaces, be it hard floors, rugs or carpets. It comes with versatile tools which make it possible to switch and get the desired cleaning result.

I was impressed by the onboard storage which is nit and convenient. There is a storage compartment that can be closed, you can hardly know there are tools in there. The wheels glide over the floor and carpet easily and the wand is long enough to use on stairs or for getting cobwebs on the wall.


  • The pet PowerMate is thorough in its handling of pet hair, it seems to get 99.95 percent of pet hair
  • ​The tools are versatile making this an option for main vacuum for the home
  • ​The accessory tools slip on fast and easy
  • The controls are conveniently placed on the handle


  • It is not very stable, it tends to topple when put to stand upright.

Panasonic MC-CG917 "OptiFlow"

Panasonic MC-CG917

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It uses a bag to collect the pet hair which is a good thing for people who may have allergies since you do not have to get into direct contact with what you have sucked up. It also has a HEPA filter. When vacuuming the floor or carpet, you can do it faster since it has a wide path of 14 inches.

I am particularly impressed by its 360-degree swivel which makes it a lot easier to maneuver around objects in the house. The hose too can swivel which prevents it from getting entangled. It si also convenient being able to store most of the tools in the back compartment.


  • The 12 amp motor is strong enough to suck up a lot of pet hair quickly
  • ​The dual motor system extends the belt life and allows for gentle cleaning of carpets
  • ​The switch to hard floor is conveniently placed on the handle so no bending down
  • ​Air turbine brush is effective when dealing with stubborn pet hair
  • The cord is retracted at the touch of a button
  • Cheaper than most vacuums in its category


  • It does not clean the edges well.

You should remember that canister vacuums are best for hard floor and that applies to most of those on this list. The Eureka is good for people who have allergies as well as if you would like to get rid of pet odor. The New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is an all round performer but you need to be able to manage the price which is the highest on this list, most people who have spent on it, however, seem satisfied with their investment. If you would like to save money, then you can opt for the Panasonic that gives you good performance but at a reduced cost. Whatever choice you make, just make sure it is suited for your need and you should be satisfied with it.

Why Canister Vacuums for Pet Hair are Popular

  • Mobility: Canister vacuums are a lot easier to move around since they have wheel and are light and if you do not want to drag them by the wheels, you can simply carry them like a portable vacuum. It is not that easy with upright vacuums
  • Noise: These vacuums tend to be quieter than many other types of vacuums for pet hair and when you have pets like dogs or cats, it is preferable to have a vacuum that will not agitate them.
  • Suction: I believe everyone wants a vacuum with strong suction and the canister vacuums have strong suction even if they are small, this makes it ideal for quick jobs that require strong suction but easy movement.

What to Consider When Choosing a Canister Vacuum

Ease of use

It is important that you do not feel like you are flying a rocket to mars as you vacuum so finding a canister vacuum that is easy to operate is important. If it is your first time to use a vacuum, the instruction manual will come in helpful but at the same time, the instructions there should be easy to understand. If the manual is hard to understand, operating the vacuum may be equally as hard.

Consumer experience

Reading other commercial canister vacuum reviews will help you know what other consumers think of the product. Consumer reviews tend to be honest since they are not just trying to sell a product, they are telling you what their experience was like with the product. But also look out for those that just seem overly positive or overly negative, they may not give you a fair opinion.


Do not depend on price to determine how good a product is, sometimes an expensive product may simply be overpriced and yet you can find a cheaper one that works better. Price should mainly be a guide to whether you can afford the product or not. There are a number of affordable vacuums that will still give you the features you want but at the same time, do not compromise quality as you try to save money.

After sales expense

This is also related to price. Some canister vacuums may require that you spend on them even after you have purchased them, for example, you may need to order tools separately or buy filter bags regularly. Take into account if you find that affordable and see if it is possible to find another option that will come with everything you may need.

Features to Look Out for

Cord length

You need to have a cord that will give you enough reach around the area you will be cleaning with as few as possible stops to change sockets. The longer the better. If you have stairs, use them as a measure for a suitable cord length, a cord that can let you vacuum the entire stairway is probably going to serve you well.

Filter system

Pet hair and dander can trigger allergic reactions when breathed in, to ensure that you are not spreading allergens into the air as you vacuum, make sure the filter is good enough to protect the air. Choose a vacuum that has good filtration system. HEPA filters are the most preferred filters.


The more the tools, the better since that makes the canister vacuum more versatile. If you can find a vacuum that comes with the basic tools like a floor tool, brush, crevice tool, extension wands and carpet tool, then that is okay but some have even more than these and that would be even better since you do not have to spend on buying more tools


if you are spending your money on a product, it should be able to last long. Read customer’s opinions on the durability of a product and also check out the warranty on the product. One year and more is fair enough.

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