Bissell has a wide range of vacuums specially designed to deal with pet hair. When you are searching for the best Bissell vacuum for pet hair, you may have to go through a very long catalog, this review will save you the time as the research has already been done for you and you can make a pick based on the most recommended vacuums we have come across. Both consumers and experts have praised these vacuums for their performance and features. Since people have varied tastes, this list seeks to provide something for everyone, so hopefully you should be able to find whatever you are looking for.

Recommended Best Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair Reviews

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser

Editor Rating:

Many vacuums will end up getting hair entangled in the brush but this one is designed to be tangle free, also, the cyclone system separates hair from dirt so that emptying it is much easier and you do not have to pull the hair out like with other vacuums.

I like that it has a number of tools specialized for cleaning pet hair in different places

It has a wand that can be released easily so if you are vacuuming the floor and you get to the couch, you can easily pull out the wand, vacuum the couch and then return to the floor which saves time. Its performance is impressive especially with the end to end suction which will cover a wider area and get the work done faster.


  • The roller bar remains clean after vacuuming since it is tangle free
  • It separates hair from dirt and rolls it up into a ball so that it is easier to empty it without touching the hair
  • It has end to end suction which improves its performance and makes vacuuming faster
  • It has a quick release hose which is long and makes it easy to vacuum above ground places like the couch
  • Generally, it is easy to use and performs well


  • It seems best for carpets than hardwood floors
BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor 81L2A

Editor Rating:

I have on a number of occasions struggled to vacuum around furniture legs and seeing this vacuum got me excited because it is the answer to that problem. The V-shaped head allows you to vacuum around furniture legs or even cylindrical objects like vases on the floor. The base of the head also is made from a material that attracts hair so vacuuming becomes a lot easier especially on the floor.

When you see its price, you may have doubts about its ability to perform but you may be pleasantly surprised by how well it performs.

 It is lightweight which makes maneuvering it easier and its bagless technology makes it easier to empty the bin once it is full.


  • It has a V-shaped cleaning head which helps vacuuming around furniture legs
  • There is a material at the bottom that attracts hair so that it is sucked up
  • It is one of the most affordable and yet it performs well
  • It is tough on pet hair but gentle on the floor


  • It is only designed for floors so you cannot use it on carpet
Bissell Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum B00J3X04J2

Editor Rating:

This is one of the multipurpose range o f Bissell vacuums. It can serve as your main vacuum for the home but it also has special features to deal with pet hair. There is the pet hair lifter which pulls up pet hair from carpets and then puts them in the way of the suction, this ensures the carpets get a deep clean. There is also the turbo pet hair eraser which provides extra suction to ensure even pet hair entangled in the carpet will be sucked up.

The 23-foot power cord is also worth mentioning as it allows you to move around with less need to switch sockets.

The vacuum comes with a number of necessary tools for other cleaning purposes as well and it has a hose on which you can attach tools to help you clean above ground surfaces like chairs and boards.


  • It has a pet hair lifter which makes it easier to suck up the hairs from carpets and upholstery
  • It is multi-functional so you are not just getting a pet hair vacuum, It also does general cleaning or dirt and debris
  • It has a pet turbo hair remover tool that adds suction for a deep clean
  • Despite being big, it is light enough to move around


  • The hose is not as long as you would want it to be say, for cleaning the stairs
BISSELL CleanView Complete Pet Rewind

Editor Rating:

If you struggle trying to get that pet odor out of your house, then you could try out this vacuum, it is designed to eliminate that smell and it also effectively deals with allergens that your pets may bring in. this vacuum was made to deal with just about everything to do with cleaning up after pets, it effectively sucks up pet hair using its triple action brush roll and it also has cyclonic suction for deep cleaning of carpets.

It has a 27-foot cord which you do not have to struggle winding up after use since it can do that automatically. The tools can be stored onboard at the back and the handle bends easily so that you are able to clean under furniture and around obstacles. It can be used on different surfaces.


  • It has triple brush roll action which loosens, lifts and removes pet hair from carpets
  • The cord can be retracted automatically saving time and effort
  • It switches easily from carpet to hard floor
  • The pet turbo eraser tool effectively removes hair on sofas and other upholstery
  • It eliminates not just hair but also odors and allergens
  • There is a suction indicator that can tell you if there is a problem with the suction like a clogged filter


  • The vacuum foot is quite wide so it does not fit in tight spaces
Bissell 20431 Powerglide Lift Off

Editor Rating:

Sometimes when vacuuming pet hair, you may get to a point where an upright vacuum cannot go for example up the stairs. Well with this 20431, you have a 2 in 1 vacuum, you can transform from an upright to a canister so you just lift off the canister and continue to vacuum up the stairs. Lifting off is quick and easy you may even do it instinctively.

The vacuum comes with specialized tools to remove pet hair from different places and it seems as if there is no hard to reach area for this Bissell vacuum. It traps everything you vacuum within the bin so there is also less risk of you ending up getting an allergic reaction.


  • It is a 2 in one vacuum which makes it more effective in different settings
  • It comes with specialized tools to remove pet hair in hard to reach places
  • The odor eliminator leaves the place fresher as you vacuum
  • It has smart seal system which traps allergens inside
  • It is easy to operate and care for


  • It does not lay completely flat as you vacuum under tables so sometimes you have to move or lift tables or chairs to vacuum under.

Overall, Bissell vacuums are reliable when it comes to dealing with pet hair. Anyone of these 5 Bissell vacuums would do a decent job and it just depends on what you would want to use it for. For example if you are going to vacuum both carpet and hard floor, you can consider the Bissell 1650 A which switches quick and easy, if you have problems with vacuuming around the legs of furniture, then the V-shaped 81L2A will serve you well, only that it only works on hard floors and if you want a canister and upright vacuum all in one, then you can opt for 20431. All these are reasonably priced and seem to be durable if handled well.

Advantages of Bissell Vacuums for pet hair

If you are wondering why you should choose a Bissell vacuum, well here are a few points in favor of these vacuums.

Bissell has been making vacuums for a long time now and they have mastered the craft so you can be sure that the vacuums they make for pet hair are the result of experience and research which will make them more effective.

A number of the Bissell tools for pet hair come with specific tasks in mind, for example, a turbo tool to remove stubborn pet hair on upholstery

If you compare the prices of pet hair vacuums, you will realize that Bissell has fairly affordable vacuums and they do work quite well.

How to care for a Bissell Vacuum

The best advice we can give you is to read the instruction manual before you get started. A lot of the care and maintenance advice you need is in there. If you follow the manual, you should be able to have your vacuum running as it should for a longer time.

There are also some basic things you can do for example cleaning the brush after every vacuuming task. Pet hair may get entangled on the brush and if it piles up, the vacuum may not work as well so make sure it is clean.

The filter is an important part of the vacuum, if the one you choose uses a filter, you should check regularly to see that it is clean and replace it according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. When replacing it, make sure you buy the same model.

If you do not know how to fix vacuum cleaners, it is best to leave any faults for the professionals. Tinkering with the vacuum cleaner may spoil it even more or can void its warranty.

Factors to consider when choosing the best vacuum for pet hair


you need to find one that is easy to move around. This means the wheels should be able to move over the surface you will be vacuuming. Small wheels may work well on hardwood surface but on thick carpet, you may need bigger wheels that will not end up getting stuck in the carpet.


Bristles are very important when dealing with pet hair especially on the carpets, they need to be able to dig into the carpet and pull out the pet hair. Some of the Bissell vacuums have bristles that can loosen and then pull out the hair. The length and design of the bristles may also depend on the type of carpets you will be using them on. If you will be using the vacuum on hard floor, it is best to get one that does not have hard bristles which will scratch the floor.


it is important that the vacuum has a flexible handle as well as head so that it can go round obstacles as well as under furniture. Some chairs or tables may be too heavy to lift so having a vacuum handle that can fold backwards to clean under furniture is important.

Filter system

Pets are known to carry microbes and allergens the use of a good filter can save you from these troubles. The filter of a vacuum can ensure that the air that is blown out through the exhaust is clean and will not cause you any harm. Some filters also help in eating up the odor of your pet in the room, that is something you may want to have.


Unless you are vacuuming to get strong, there is no reason to get stuck with a vacuum that needs a lot of energy to push around. Consider your own strength and then choose a weight that you can easily push and pull around.

Cord Length

The longer the cord, the better because long cords mean you can clean further from the socket without having to change sockets. Consider the size of the room you will be using it in and then choose a cord length that is appropriate, alternatively you may have to buy an extension cable

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